Robots Confirm What iPhone Users Know, iPhone Offers Best Touch Screen

MOTO Development Group released a study yesterday that compares the accuracy of the touch screens for six leading phones. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because back in January MOTO did this same test using an app to draw straight lines using a human finger. But critics of their earlier report said humans can’t be consistent enough when drawing straight lines to provide accurate results, so MOTO did a new series of tests using a robot.

The results from the robot test are almost identical to the human finger test. The iPhone is the most accurate of the group, but the Google’s Nexus One and HTC Droid Eris are not too far behind. The Palm Pre and Black Berry Storm 2 perform well on the medium touch test, but lose input on the light touch. The Motorola Droid remained the worst of the test devices, losing input regardless of the pressure applied.

MOTO suggests once companies get more experience developing touch the quality gap will decrease.

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