Robocat Releases Their Beautiful New Weather App, Outside

This week Robocat released a beautiful new weather application called Outside [App Store, $2.99]. The app focuses primarily on visually showing you the weather with pleasant graphics and animations. It automatically figures out where you are and shows you what the weather’s like outside right now! Perfect for us “indoor people.” If you swipe down, you can see details and swiping left shows you the forecast for other days of the week.

Outside also comes with the ability to send out push notifications whenever the forecast meets certain criteria. You can have Outside tell you when it’ll be cold, hot, rainy, or really sunny. And because these notifications are delivered via push notifications, the app doesn’t have to be running.


Bottom line: if you’re a fan of shiny apps (you know I am) and care about what the weather’s doing, then you’ll want to pick up a copy of Outside right away. It works quite well and just looks so darn good.

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