Ringbow – The Next Revolutionary Gaming Accessory?

The Ringbow recently arrived into the confines of Kickstarter’s realm of projects that have the potential to be incredibly successful if funded. In this particular case, the developers are ambitiously seeking $100,000 to transform their project from a simple visualization to a full-fledged reality. What’s the strong force slowly pushing the Ringbow to mass production?

Essentially, the Ringbow is a robust controller that comfortably wraps around your finger for convenient use when playing touch-based games. It sports multiple control methods for the purpose of enhancing gameplay and user feedback/performance while playing. Additionally, any finger will fit into the dedicated hole of the Ringbow, and the integrated battery can go for five hours without needing a charge. The Rainbow comes in an assortment of vibrant colors hence the name.

A $45 pledge will score you a one black Ringbow with a set of games. Check out the Kickstarter video, which is embedded down below for your viewing pleasure. The developers did over-zealously sell the product in the footage, but that’s just my opinion.

The Ringbow has evidently appealed to a good number of customers. Although it’s got 27 days left in its funding phase, the accessory has already secured almost half of its stated goal. Without a doubt the Ringbow looks cool. And maybe it’ll jump to the aid of those who despise the iPhone’s capacitive screen and have a difficult time effectively playing games. The extent to which it will help, though, is still a mystery.