RF.com Readying iPhone-Specific Telephony Service

This could be useful. Internet telephony provider rf.com is readying an iPhone-specific PBX service. Per the Unofficial Apple Weblog article, the service would allow users to make international and web-based calls using their normal iPhone minutes.

The client will operate its own PBX, which will allow it to connect to a web client. Once online, the software can finish routing its call using Voice Over Internet Protocol and connect to an iPhone handset.

RF’s software functions with iPhones running version 1.1.4 and earlier of the iPhone OS as well as current iPhone OS 2.0 beta builds. The service is presently free. Despite being in a beta stage and RF founder/president Marcelo Rodriguez has commented that the company is planning on keeping the basic service free for the forseeable future. Upon reaching a given point, they’re look to resell the service to VoIP service providers such as PhoneGnome and will be offering premium features at a later date.

[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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