The latest task management application from QSoft, Inc, uses text and voice-recognition input to let you jot down bits of information you’d like to remember, or upcoming errands that you need to attend to. The organizing categories are Time, Things and errands shared with People, and users can even add events externally via IM or the web.

Generally: This is truly a remarkable application. reQall’s voice-recognition system has keywords that organize errands into specific categories, and even send to users in your Shared list. reQall’s Help section is here, and the keywords are listed there for easy reference.

The interface to set up Shared tasks is only accessible through reQall’s site, and there is an abundance of options available. Users can have notifications sent to them via text message, e-mail or even instant messaging. There is an option to ‘Jog My Memory’ any period of time, which is actually the trademark of this self-named ‘memory-jogging system’.

Notes can be sent over EDGE, 3G and even WiFi. Audio notes are put into reQall’s translation system and typed out for you, and the audio clips can actually be listened to online if there’s any confusion.

As an extra option, the staff behind reQall is working on incorporating image ‘memory-jogging’ by importing pictures from Picasa. The functionality is still in the experimentation process, but the web interface already allows correspondence from Picasa. To get a real inside scoop about reQall, check out our latest podcast (aptly titled reQall) where we had a developer on the show to chat about the application.

Pros: Users are capable of leaving messages for themselves or others in order to jog their memory. Notifications can be sent via e-mail, text messages and even instant messaging services. There are Key Words that make sending notes simple and convenient.

Cons: reQall’s audio notes are only 30 seconds in length. While that makes sense in a ‘quick memory jogging’ kind of way, I know that I would love to have longer notes. Also, the lack of Push notification is a definite downer. As easy as it is to receive text messages with my infiniteforever texting program, I’d prefer that the application be more standalone.

Bottom Line: As a memory-jogging application, reQall definitely brings Convenience to the table. The inclusion of audio transcription and sharing makes this application in a league of its own. Solely in the field of Note-Taking applications, however, I would prefer something with longer audio recording times, and I can’t really predict how long this application will stick around. Evernote actually allows 60-second audio notes, and even allows users to upload an image they prefer from the iPhone. reQall is a great ‘Reminder’ application, however, and well worth at least one noble try.

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