Report Says iPhone #2 Handset In US Overall

A few days ago we learned that the RAZR is still outselling the iPhone, but it may now be the only one. According to a report from NPD, the iPhone has leaped up in marketshare to become the overall second best selling handset in the United States. The new rank also makes it the most popular smartphone, leaving only Motorola’s dumbphone, the RAZR V3, to stand in it’s way from market dominance.

The report claims that shortly after it’s launch, the iPhone 3G rose to the #1 US smartphone in sales, helping to gain Apple a total of 17% of the US’s smartphone marketshare.

“The launch of the lower-priced iPhone 3G was a boon to overall consumer smartphone sales,” said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis for The NPD Group. “While the original iPhone also helped win customers for AT&T, the faster network speeds of the iPhone 3G has proven more appealing to customers that already had access to a 3G network.”

NPD’s report also found that the strong sales still bring over switchers from other carriers, though it’s now 30% instead of 38%.

[via AppleInsider]

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