Report: iPhone Users Pay the Most Expensive Cell Phone Bill

The iPhone has a reputation for catering to the financially advantaged, and, generally speaking, a higher-class, more affluent demographic. A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners seems to support that theory as it has emerged that out of all smartphone users, iPhone users on average pay the most expensive cell phone bill.

The poll of users took place between October and December of 2012, and in that poll, 59 percent of iPhone users reported that they paid more than $200 each month. It’s important to keep in mind that the bills in question could include multiple lines, shared plans and the like.

No iPhone user reported paying less than $25 a month, and 6 percent of the iPhone users polled reported bills that fell between $25 and $50 per month. 36 percent of iPhone users reported bills between $51 and $100, while 49 percent paid between $101 and $200.

Android users paid for what they get–cheaper service–to the tune of 49 percent paying between $101 and $200 per month, while BlackBerry users paid between $51 and $200 a month–30 percent between $51 and $100 and 30 percent between $101 and $200.

The same percentage of iPhone and BlackBerry customers–10 percent each–paid over $200 a month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out that iPhone users give the lowest “churn rate,” meaning that they are more likely to stay with their current carrier.

One likely factor in the higher iPhone bills is the fact that carriers pay more for the iPhone than other models, and the subsidies don’t cover all the costs.  So, over the course of a two-year contract, a slightly higher bill helps them offset those costs.

Although iPhone users may pay more each month, it’s important to note that the quality they get in return outshines the BlackBerry and Android phones (in my opinion at least, a worthwhile trade-off despite having the most expensive cell phone bill), all of which pale in comparison to the mighty Apple.

[via: Apple Insider]