Report: iOS Considered High-Priority Platform to Develop For

When games like Temple Run 2 shoot up the iOS charts moments after release to reach over 20 million downloads in just four days, it comes as no surprise to hear the iOS platform is considered a top priority platform to develop for among mobile developers.

According to mobile ecosystem analyst firm VisionMobile, who asked the opinions of mobile developers on which platform they would consider to be top priority, the iOS platform is #1, with 48 percent of developers choosing iOS as their personal platform of choice.

After iOS, Android and BlackBerry came in with 44 percent and 38 percent, respectively. Seeing how RIM’s BlackBerry has been doing over the past couple of years, after iOS and Android made their debuts on the mobile OS scene, we’re completely amazed developers are still even considering it since we rarely see anyone with a BlackBerry device anymore.

The chart VisionMobile released also shows some developers mentioned Windows Phone and HTML being platforms to extend app distribution to, but weren’t considered lead platforms to develop for at this time.

Another interesting point to the report is the fact that developers who don’t create applications for Android or iOS tend to generate an average of half the revenue of developers who do develop for Android and iOS.

In the world of tablets, the iPad is also considered the best platform to develop for as 76 percent of developers say it has the best monetization and development platform compared to other tablets.

It cannot be denied that iOS is still a very popular mobile OS considering how well iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches have been selling over the years.

Considering how Apple is starting to embrace China as a new and emerging market for its iOS devices, especially after its rumored cheaper iPhone was announced, we’re sure more developers will be considering the iOS platform as their go-to platform.

[Via CultofMac]

Written by Daniel Perez; Edited by Mike Crook