Relaunch Teaser: The Innovative New iPhone Alley Coming March 9

While we unfortunately have encontoured technical issues in bringing the radically-revamped new iPhone Alley live, the discrepancy in our plans seems to be more of a blessing than a curse as it allows us more time to make the relaunch even more spectacularly feature-rich. For now, here’s a very brief teaser: Retina. Animated. Interactive. Unique. Mobile. Groundbreaking in site design and reader involvement. We’ll be giving away thousands of apps and products this year alone through an innovative system. Intrigued yet? Keep checking back, and follow us on Twitter to not miss an update about the most “revolutionary” technology blog to come out of the meticulous labor of love that this relaunch has been. It will take a long post to describe the new iPhone Alley in words.

March 9. Promise.

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