Refurbished Retina Display iPads Starting at $379, Buy It Instead of the New iPad

As the introduction of a fourth-generation iPad pushes the original “New iPad with Retina Display” out of the picture (therefore making it the “Old iPad, still with Retina Display” – lame joke, we realize that), the elite-regarded tablet introduced seven months ago is available at a steep discount for those comfortable with official Apple refurbished products. For those that do not already have a Retina Display iPad, this is the one to get or gift.

After all, the new fourth-generation, introduced yesterday at Apple’s October 23 event, iPad main claim to fame is that it is up to double the speed of the original third-generation Retina Display iPad that is being offered refurbished. However, the third-generation is by no means slow and is more than adequate for most consumers besides the heavy workers and avid gamers. Absolutely, a $379 entry price represents a great value for a tablet that looks and feels every bit the same as the newest model.

Other models are available as well with additional savings, including bigger storage capacities and built-in LTE cellular connectivity.

We had contacted Apple regarding whether these would be identifiably refurbished if they were given as gifts, and we received the following response: “The refurbished iPad comes in a brand new box with brand new accessories and wrapping and will arrive to you without anything reading that it’s a refurbished model aside from the invoice.” So, as long as the recipient does not know the difference between the newest model and this and do not check the serial number (only Apple fanatics might), then this makes it a perfect gift.

Edit: the Apple representative was mis-informed, as refurbished iPads do come in a box reading “Certified Refurbished.”

The refurbished third-generation iPads are purchasable directly from Apple, starting at $379 while supplies last.

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