Reeder Coming to the iPad

When we posted our comparison of RSS Readers for the iPad, one notable missing entry was Reeder. Being my favorite reader for the iPhone [App Store, $2.99], I’ve been waiting impatiently for Reeder to release an iPad version. Unfortunately, the folks over at MacStories seem to be a bit closer with the developers of Reeder because they posted a sneak peak at the upcoming iPad app. I’ll admit I’m extremely jealous, but it is great to see that Reeder for the iPad is coming soon.

In addition, Reeder for the iPhone is about to get an update. Reeder 2 is expected to be a free upgrade (in other words, don’t wait to go buy it if you don’t already own a copy) and adds several exciting features. Version 2 will sync articles from people you follow, adds even more services, offers a new higher contrast setting, plus includes a few other cool updates.

All good news from a great developer. We will likely be reviewing both apps when they become available.

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