Redesigned iOS 5.0 Practically Makes iPhone 3GS Irrelevant

It seems two years really is how often you should buy a new phone at the least, especially if you’re on the smartphone side of the spectrum. A recent rumor reported by MacStories only reinforces this, as iOS 5.0 may (probably won’t) run on iPhone 3GS or older models. Of course, this leaves what has also been reported to be the most redesigned iOS version yet exclusively for the most current iPhone and iPod touch iterations.

This really should not come as a surprise. Despite iPhone 4 being released just a year after its predecessor, it is leaps-and-bounds ahead, encompassing the improvements of groundbreaking new strides in mobile hardware.

iOS 5.0′s release should coincide with the next-generation iPhone. By then, older devices will really show their age and pale in comparison, anyway. When iOS 4.0, the most significant released update, was made available, first-generation models could not run it and second-generation devices struggled with a fine-tuned version that omitted certain features.

“Early adopters” would expect the 3GS to become outdated quickly, but it is a real sucker punch to recent buyers taking advantage of AT&T’s still-available $50 deal. It does make the most sense for Apple to design a huge overhaul of iOS for only the most relevant hardware, considering how an OS redesign represents a big step forward. On the other hand, there still is a fairly significant amount of people locking into new two-year contracts for the iPhone 3GS, which will not even be able to run the latest software updates within a few months.