‘Red Conquest’ Strategy Game Is Next In Blue Attack/Defense Universe

John Kooistra, developer of the surprisingly simple yet amazingly awesome shooters Blue Attack
[App Store, $1.99] and Blue Defense [App Store, $1.99], has just announced the next game to be set in his red and blue universe, Red Conquest. The game will build upon the universe of the previous games, and will add a backstory to the conflict between the warring sides.

Unlike Blue Defense and Blue Conquest, which are both shooter games, Red Defense is a real time strategy game, requiring you to coordinate your army to maximize your impact on the opposing force while minimizing the damage they can inflict on yours. Because of the lack of obstacles in space to hide behind, Kooistra explains, most of the game will rely on your ability to manage your own troops to allow them to hide behind each other, which can be collected by harvesters as they explode.

In [some of the screenshots], you can see little circles attached to squads by lines, those are multimove handles. Basically, on this screen, you can move individual units with as many fingers as you’re comfortable with. I like to use both thumbs, myself, and you get pretty good control over a fair number of units this way. It’s very good for micromanagement.

[via Touch Arcade]

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