Real Racing

Real Racing is a racing application with multiple playing modes, a great selection of vehicles and beautiful graphics to boot. Tilting to steer through vicious opponents and great scenery, players will find themselves immersed in the tight controls and fast-paced races.

What struck me first while playing this game is that, despite the small file housing it, the application displays both great graphics and diverse options. The tracks range from speeding through the urban sprawl to dashing in and out of a gentle forest.

The gameplay is superb, allowing you to tilt your iPhone in order to steer (among other options) and auto-brake and acceleration (or manual, your call). There is also an internal or external view, though I’ve found that it’s much easier to steer with the internal view.

Multiplayer mode is an interesting affair, to say the least. Players can join leagues online and play internationally or choose to play over WiFi with local players. It’s easy to join or create new races, and the added layer of facing human opponents makes the game that much more interesting.

Among these options, the game also includes playing your choice of music, posting videos of your races to YouTube, three divisions to rise in, 48 cars in 4 classes, 12 tracks and 5 game modes.

On a purely topical view of Real Racing, it is a fascinating and exciting racing game with plenty of functions and options to keep players busy. One thing to note is that while racing, if too many cars are on screen, your iPhone may have difficulty rendering every detail and may lag. I could just laughingly say that it’s a good reason to just ‘not suck at the game’, but it’s quite annoying. On a deeper look, Real racing provides something that not many racing games have yet to give: a console racing experience on an iPhone. That, truly, is something to write home about.

All in all, Real Racing is intuitive, immersive and can become quite exciting. The lag is really the only downside to the entire experience, and even that is avoidable. Real Racing is advised for anyone looking for anyone looking to enjoy anything from a quick race to a full-on championship (even then, your progress is saved). All I can say is look out… the racing platform for iPhone can only get better.

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