Readdle Docs

One of the most talked about app categories for the iPad is file management apps. Getting files on and off your iPad can be a bit cumbersome and is one of the most common complaints people have about the device. Several apps have tried to address this problem with similar approaches. ReaddleDocs is an app that aims to be an all in one file solution for the iPad. ReaddleDocs can turn your iPad into a network drive over WiFi so you can drag and drop files onto your iPad. It can also access files from cloud based services such as DropBox and Mobile Me iDisk. Once these files are on your iPad, ReaddleDocs becomes a file viewer so you can read PDF files, look at photos or play audio and video files. ReaddleDocs is an app I have been using on my iPhone for months, and was thrilled when an iPad version became available.

As a PDF viewer, ReaddleDocs offers numerous useful features such as:
    •    Opens large PDFs
    •    Supports full text search
    •    Has text reflow mode
    •    Handles PDF links and outlines
    •    Opens password protected documents
    •    Extracts text from the PDFs

ReaddleDocs also offers several great features that make it much more than just a PDF viewer. You can:
    •    Copy files from Mac or PC via Wi-Fi
    •    Read Office documents
    •    Save email attachments
    •    Save documents from the web using the built-in web browser
    •    Access iDisk, Dropbox, and GoogleDocs
I was able to quickly log into my Mobile Me account and my Dropbox. I was able to download documents, PDFs, photos, MP3 files and even movie files. After download, I was able to view all of them. As long as video files are in an iPad compatible format they play back with ease. I have a number of small video files on my iDisk and I was able to download and watch them all. Viewing PDF files is a joy. ReaddleDocs offers lots of functionality and for the most part they all work very well.

I did encounter one problem with the app. Downloads from Mobile Me iDisk are slow. So slow on some larger files that it wasn’t worth the wait. GoodReader, another app in this category, is much faster. I’m not sure if it’s my network, or the app itself that is causing the slowdown in ReaddleDocs, but I didn’t have this problem with GoodReader.

ReaddleDocs is an easy to use, good looking app that will dramatically increase the usefulness of your iPad. It’s hard to review an app in this category without comparing it to similar apps. ReaddleDocs is serious contender in this arena of apps, and is worth your consideration.