Rally Master Pro Coming To iPhone

Fish Labs has announced that they are in the process of porting Rally Master Pro, a popular racing game that was rated Best Mobile Game of 2008 by Pocket Gamer. Fish Labs say it will be launching “in the autumn” with “reffed up rally graphics”. All 3D models and textures are getting revamped with four times the number of polygons than the Java version.

Depending on the track surface and weather, a variety of dust, spray, and even dirt particles will be generated for each individual tire. The various kinds of particles act quite differently. On dry, dusty tracks the car leaves a massive cloud of dust while racing through a forest on a rainy day you can literrally see the mud flying.
Thanks to the high-powered 3D chips (OpenGL graphics acceleration) in the iPhone, we can light the vehicle in a variety of ways, depending on the weather: with lots of light and shadows when it’s sunny, diffuse when the sky is overcast, and correspondingly dim in rain and storm.

[via Touch Arcade]

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