QuickOffice Suite Of Office Software Released For iPhone, iPod Touch

Quickoffice has released Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite [$19.99] their suite of office software for the iPhone and iPod touch. The suite includes three apps that offer computability with documents from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, as well as an office email client. (Details after the break.)

Quickword [$12.99] Lets users create Microsoft Word Documents, featuring cut, copy, pasting between three documents, as well as various font and style options, and a handy feature that automatically wraps text to the screen at any zoom level, eliminating horizontal scrolling to read documents.

QuickSheet [$12.99] Lets users create Microsoft Excel spreadheets and offers support for formulas, column and row height and width adjusting, and similar formatting options.

Quickoffice Files [$1.99] adds remote access, email, Wi-Fi and file management, as well as integration with MobileMe iDisk. Files can be transferred from computer to iPhone by simple drag-and-drop.

[via MacRumors]

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