Pwnage Tool For 3.1.3 Firmware Released

The iPhone Dev Team has released a version of the PwnageTool for the 3.1.3 firmware update on iPhones and iPod touches. The new update creates several complications that may prove too much for many users, but updating the new firmware will solve a problem many have had with inaccurate battery percentage displaying. As always, they have several rules to follow in order to ensure that you do more good than harm, and hopefully avoid permanently breaking your ability to unlock.

Phone 3G and 3GS unlockers should always be very wary to update their firmware.  This is no exception.  If you make a mistake along the way you may find yourself updating to official 3.1.3 in which case you will lose your unlock, possibly forever.

iPhone 3GS users (regardless of unlock) should stay away from this and all 3.1.3 jailbreak tools unless you know you have your “SHSH hashes” backed up via Cydia.  That’s because if you make a mistake you may find yourself stuck at official 3.1.3 with no way to jailbreak or come back down to 3.1.2 to jailbreak.

If you really truly feel that you need to update, this version creates a custom 3.1.3 IPSW for you to restore to on your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS with early bootrom, iPod touch 1G, and iPod touch 2G with early bootrom.  If you don’t know if you have an early bootrom or not, please avoid updating until you learn more.

That was the most important stuff, but you can read the rest of what the iPhone Dev Team has to say on their blog.


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