Push Servers Sending AIM Messages From Jailbroken Devices To Random iPhones

If you’re using a jailbroken or unlocked iPhone, you might want to think twice about sending anything over AIM that you don’t want everyone to see. Equinux founder Till Schadde has found a bug that may be sending your AIM messages to random recipients without you ever knowing it.

To test the problem, he sent a message from iChat on his desktop to his iPhone. Not long after, he received a reply from a random recipient saying they had gotten the message. The problem is believed to be caused by the way Push notifications are addressed. Each iPhone has a unique identifier that tells Apple where to send notifications. A problem with this might cause them to be sent to the wrong device.

No information is available on which iPhones might be affected by the bug, but it seems clear that Apple’s Push system is having trouble with jailbroken iPhones in general.

[via CrunchGear]

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