Push Panic Free for Today Only; Drink Something With Caffeine!

In early December, I took a look at Appular’s puzzle Title, Push Panic. Instead of its original $1.99 price tag which I thought was a steal, for today only it’s completely free. Yes, free for this amazing title!

Here is some from my review:

The classic mode has you playing through a series of levels that increase in difficulty and speed with each switch. Blocks will fall from the top of the screen and stack up together in random order. By tapping one, it will be highlighted and you must chain together as many others of the same color before tapping on any of the highlighted ones to earn points for them and have those disappear. With a realistic balance physics coming into the picture, blocks will be tumbling every this way and that while you must carefully choose the ones that are in the most quantity. For each block that you remove, you’ll receive a certain amount of points that will be totaled up at the top and compared to others around the world that have a score near yours. All of the levels in the classic mode have certain scores you must reach to receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal for that level.

What makes the game so much more enticing are the graphics, sound, and the achievements. The neon style used to create everything looks gorgeous with colors bursting all over the screen. Everything is just shiny and good looking. The soundtrack can be annoying, but it’s definitely has a fast beat which goes perfectly along with the high-speed of the gameplay. Lastly, the game has many achievements along with some competitive leaderboards.

There’s tons of content that Push Panic has to offer bringing you multiple game modes, some pretty sweet graphics and an engaging soundtrack all for just $1.99. I mean come on, how much better can the app store possible get? It has Push Panic on its charts which gives a bunch of reasons for developers to start upping their standards of developing!

So obviously, I loved the game and you will too. For free don’t miss out on this amazing, frantic game! And just a friendly reminder before you start, drink something with some caffeine. Just do it; you’ll see why after you start playing!