Push Button Antennas, Coaxial Cables In iPhone’s Future?

A new patent application filed by Apple has been published outlining a new kind of antennae in the form of a push-button that Apple may be considering implementing on future iPhones. Reception and connection quality are one of the hottest issues for iPhone users right now, but Apple isn’t the type of company to slap an ugly extendable antenna on their phone. The solution is to make the antenna disappear when it’s not being used to “ensure high-quality wireless transmission and reception.”

The patent application describes making the antenna flush with the surface of the device to make it unnoticeable, and then extend out either when pressed or when an icon is touched to increase reception. A few different implementations are illustrated below:

Another interesting tidbit found in the patent suggests Apple may even go as far as using a coaxial cable, which is used to connect radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, connect a computer network, and distribute cable TV.

[via Patently Apple]


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