Prototype iPhones For Sale on eBay [Update: Auction Pulled]

According to MacRumors, two prototype original iPhones have been spotted on eBay. The working phone is shown running a very early pre-release version of the iPhone software which lacks the current UI. Neither phones have have “iPhone” engraved on the back. Additionally the serial numbers indicate that both phones were manufactured in late 2006 (the iPhone was announced in January 2007). The working iPhone runs iPhone OS 03.06.01_G compared to the official launch version 03.11.02_G.

It’s obviously difficult to determine whether or not the phones are real, however the diagnostics screens look similar to the iPod touch’s.

After some digging, MacRumors found that one of their own forum members owned the iPhones and posted about them. There’s still a possibility that these are fake although it’s unlikely.

The phone that works is pretty neat to use. It does make calls(with my ATT sim), and I can surf the net. However when I did get to web pages they were the mobile versions, not the regular versions. I can’t figure out how to set a ringtone, it is just silent right now. I can receive SMS but not compose my own, other than 5 included test messages. It doesn’t sync to itunes. Camera seems to work. It has tons of testing options.

The working unit can make calls and surf using a very early version of Safari. The phone also doesn’t sync with iTunes. The buyer guarantees that the working unit will work upon arrival. The non-functioning unit has had its battery replaced and still doesn’t respond.

Update: The auction has been pulled. It’s not clear whether Apple intervened or if the seller had other reasons. Photos of the two phones can still be seen here.

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