Protect Your iPhone’s Screen with Spigen

There’s really no material completely prone to being damaged, and while the iPhone’s glass exterior may look extremely nice, it’s easy to scratch and have its look just that easily, simply put, messed up. There are numerous products that have been made to rectify the issue, and have, but they don’t all appeal to every single one of the many iOS-device owners out there – in order to fix the issue for people annoyed by, for example, the Otterbox Defender’s plastic screen overlay, Spigen has manufactured the SGP GLAS.t available for $27.99.

Contrary to many hardcore iOS fanboys’ (excluding me!) beliefs, the iPhone 4/4S screen can actually be shattered. Spigen’s SGP GLAS.t is essentially a tempered glass screen protector that covers the whole front side of the iPhone. According to Macrumors, who have spoken to Spigen, the glass has been manufactured to be extra shock absorbent and if shattered while protecting your iPhone, it will simply shatter into smaller pieces rather than turn into an uncontrollable amount of sharp, jagged shards of glass.

Additionally, the glass has an oleophobic coating that minimizes the amount of skin oils that can successfully wreak havoc on your screen. This includes the annoying culprit, fingerprints.

The following video is a short demonstration that shows the capabilities of the the cover. It is scratched repeatedly by a screwdriver, scissors, a knife and an electrical drill, and it can be installed with a simply push after being aligned correctly. Check it out for yourself:

The SGP GLAS.t is 0.4mm thick, and is apparently 3 times stronger than the standard PET film used in many modern day technological devices. It’s available on Spigen’s website for $27.99 (+ shipping).