Privacy-Boosting iOS 4.3.3/4.2.8 Released

In the sticker-filled, info-endowed fallout of “locationgate” comes an iOS update. Today’s update reduces the extent of the “iOS crowd-sourced location database cache,” thereby providing a little extra privacy to your whereabouts. Full update notes:

This update contains changes to the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache including:

- Reduces the size of the cache
- No longer backs the cache up to iTunes
- Deletes the cache entirely when Location Services is turned off

In addition to the noted changes, BGR has found that 4.3.3 includes iPod bug fixes. Likely as a result of the reduction of location services running without a user’s knowledge, the update notes that they had received from a trusted source days prior mention how battery life is also supposedly improved. It is possible that Apple either removed these fixes from the master copy of the update, or they were too insignificant to put in the final list of changes.

All iOS 4 devices excluding the CDMA iPhone 4 can download iOS 4.3.3, while Verizon brethren can update to 4.2.8. These come early in Apple’s “within a few weeks” timeframe for the location-tracking “bug fixes.” By now, you’re probably already downloading the update if you’re paranoid about the eye-in-the-sky, but in honesty infrequent anonymous location data collection can easily be blown out-of-proportion to be a bigger deal than it is.