Prices Of Unsubsidized iPhone 3G’s

Stories of unlocking cell phones has been buzzing around in the news lately. Where commonly the practice of unlocking cellphones involves buying unsubsidized units cheaply, unlocking them, and selling them overseas in large numbers, iPhones are being purchased in an expensive unsubsidized state, and adding more value on top of them.

However, it appears that the iPhone 3G is largely immune to this practice for the cell phone companies that do offer unsubsidized iPhones. The fact is, in places like Massachusetts, taxes are paid on the unsubsidized price of the subsidized iPhones, meaning that the device costs $499 unsubsidized. However, companies are offering it “unsubsidized” and with no commitment for $699, 200 more than the other price. It is believed that this is both to help them turn a profit with no contract, and with people reselling them overseas.

[via TUAW]

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