Prices For Norway, Mexico Announced, NetCom Says No MMS On iPhone 3G

Official iPhone 3G carriers for Norway and Mexico have announced their iPhone 3G prices and plans. Mexican company Telcel will be offering the iPhone 3G for prices between MXN $3,199 down to free, and between MXN $4,459 and $1,259.MXN for the 16GB. Plans range between $399.60 and $876.90. Notably, at the cheapest plan price, both devices sell for $100 more than they will in the US.

NetCom will be offering three different plans, which they call “iTalk plans”: Small, Medium, and Large, and are roughly equivalent to those announced for Sweden yesterday. Information is available at the NetCom website.

Notably, NetCom is not offering MMS for the iPhone, which they claim is because the iPhone 3G doesn’t support MMS.

[viaEngadget, MacNN]

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