‘Potions’ Magical Puzzle Game Launched – Guessing Giveaway (Updated)

For fans of App Store puzzle games, we are starting a new two-day giveaway in promotion of the magically-enchanting upcoming iOS game Potions. There is a catch that makes this giveaway unique and meticulous while also simultaneously preparing you for the game.

Sure, we could tell you the type of gameplay you’ll encounter in Potions when you download it from the App Store. However, we felt it would be funner to prepare you for the mysterious, perplexing adventure by giving you screenshots then making you guess what gameplay is like! With the game’s wonderfully refined art style and mysterious showing, we surmise that this giveaway will be quite a miraculously fun guessing game – a great teaser for the real game releasing available now in App Stores worldwide.

The closest guess will receive a promo code for Potions and make the winner one of the first to join the apprenticeship, and if the game happens to be so unique that nobody can come close, then in that case we will randomly choose a winner on Friday, March 16. Entering this giveaway also gives you an extra entry and shot at winning the appleJuice giveaway; after all, who couldn’t use a real-life cleaning potion? Leave a comment below (make sure to include your email when posting) or drop us a line on our Twitter account. Without further ado…

It is a measure of skill, speed, and memorization wrapped into one intricately-gorgeous, addicting game. Be mesmerized and immersed in the Potions universe until hand-crafted artwork and fun puzzle action entice you to become Potions as Potionsbecomes you.

Warning: You will find yourself grabbing your iPhone, even at the most inappropriate times (while in a meeting, during a test, on-the-toilet; t.m.i..) to study potions recipes then use your sharp mixture knowledge to create the most amazing potions in the land in your quest to become a master alchemist.

Above all, Potions is a magical experience that cannot be missed.