Postage is an app that allows you to create amazing looking electronic postcards to e-mail to your loved ones. The app is gorgeous to the smallest detail and feels completely natural to use. It literally takes seconds to master and you can count on the outcome of your design always looking super swanky!

Postage is one of those apps that should be displayed on your first page. It looks and feels completely native on the iPhone. Almost as if Apple itself should have designed it! The overall setup is beautiful, with sharp looking backgrounds and completely intuitive controls. It takes literally less then 3 minutes to send a perfectly designed e-card off to your loved ones!

You start by selecting a theme. With 10 categories and over 50 postcard designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your everyday needs. These categories include things such as travel, parents, and love, but surprisingly don’t include a “Holidays” section. You’d think an app that was so detailed as to have special category for “organic” looking cards, would include at least ONE Christmas or Thanksgiving theme. I found that to be a slightly glaring flaw, but one that I’m sure will be fixed in an future update.

You’ll find that themes are for text only, but most of them also allow a photo to be framed attractively next to your note. Simply choose a picture from your Photo Library and Postage will automatically position it. If you feel the need to adjust it’s placement further, you can do so using the intuitive pinch or drag methods. You can even rotate the picture if you’d like! Once you’ve got the photo placed exactly how you want it, you’re able to do several effects such as contrast, sepia, and glow. Simply tap whatever option you’d like and you’re photo will immediately be transformed.

Once you’re satisfied with the way your photo looks, you’re ready to add text. The task itself is very simple but the developers at RogueSheep made it perfect. After your message is typed, select the tabs to adjust the font, size, style, and even color of your note! The colors are somewhat limited, but there is a good selection, guaranteeing that at least one of the colors will tie in with your theme.

When everything is to your satisfaction, go to the next page and type in the email address of the person you’d like to send your creation to. You have the option to send to multiple people at once, or even edit the address you’re sending from. If you are really pleased with your work, there is even an option to save a screenshot to your device’s library. I really love it that the app doesn’t make you go to the Mail app to send. Postage actually lets you send the e-card directly! It’s the fulfillment of little details like that that truly make this app shine out.

There are only two points that I find to be somewhat negative. First, there needs to be more holiday-themed frames. There are a few for Valentine’s Day and a generic red bow adorned package that could be used for Christmas, but I would like to see several more. Lastly, I think the price is a tiny bit steep, but honestly, the app oozes production value and poshness. If there was a better coverage of frame themes, this app would be worth every penny. As it is, I still strongly recommend the app to anyone who wants a little something to spice up their emails.

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