Post and win a copy of Tweet Push!

The awesome folks over at Polar Bear Farm recently celebrated their 2 millionth iPhone app download, and to mark this auspicious occasion they’re hosting a giveaway on iPhone Alley! Up for grabs are 40 regular copies of Tweet Push as well as one copy with a year’s worth of credit as a grand prize. Tweet Push [App Store], if you don’t already know, sends you push notifications whenever you have a new tweet, mention, or direct message on Twitter. More details here.

All you have to do to enter is post one of your favorite tweets! Read on for the specifics.

So here’s how it works. We really enjoy reading funny and or clever things on Twitter. So to get yourself a promo code for Tweet Push, post one of your favorite tweets below in the comments. Be sure to mention the person’s Twitter name and link back to the original post. Additionally, tell us what your Twitter name is so we can send you a promo code. Next, if you haven’t already, follow iPhone Alley’s twitter stream [@iPhoneAlley] so we can direct message you a Tweet Push promo code. We’re only giving out one Tweet Push code per person, so choose wisely. The grand prize will go to the person who posts the most entertaining tweet of all, so find the absolute best that you can!

Here’s a good example from @theduty


smoking can reveal hidden lazer traps.

…which is awesome.

Be advised: You must have a US iTunes Store account to redeem a promo code!

Here’s a simple breakdown for you ADD folks:

  1. Follow iPhone Alley on Twitter
  2. Post one (only one) of your favorite tweets in the comments. Remember to mention who the tweet was from and link to the original tweet.
  3. Link to your twitter profile so we can send you a promo code

The contest starts now and ends on when we get to 40, so get crackin’!

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