Possible Next-Gen iPhone Images Leaked

With the iPad launch out of the way, the internet can now return to its normal springtime routine of leaking next generation iPhone details, of varying legitimacy. Today the rumor comes in the form of photos. The images are of what could be the back of the new iPhone to be released this summer.

The new design is evidently inspired by the iPad’s aluminum shell, and taken at face value the images are fairly convincing. However, rational analysis brings a few problems to bear. The metadata in the images indicate that each picture has been passed through Adobe Photoshop CS4, an excellent photo doctoring application.

In addition, one of the reasons Apple moved away from aluminum in their iPhone line was due to the difficulty of obtaining a cellular signal, a problem solved by using the plastic featured by the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Even the iPhone 2G had a plastic section, where the Wi-Fi and cellular antennas were housed. Returning to a metal enclosure is possible, but the lack of any plastic on the case seen here seems extremely unlikely.

There is no way to prove or disprove these images, the latest in a long line of iPhone hardware leaks. New hardware is almost certainly coming, using history as an indicator, and many people are understandably anxious to learn more about the new iPhone. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for confirmation until Apple decides we are ready.

[Via Mac Rumors]