Popular iOS Game Now Available for Xbox Kinect

Save for the fact that the featured image of this editorial is a splash screen (literally) of what I’m posting about, I bet not knowing what game I’m talking about (courtesy of the shallow title) exactly made you want to click on this post. Well click away…

Fruit Ninja is evidently now available on an Xbox near you. Yup, you can get the widely acclaimed, popular fruit slashing game everyone was crazy about just awhile ago for your Xbox Kinect via the Xbox Live Arcade. So if you hate fruit, and want to show just how badly you despise the things from a device other than your iPhone or iPad, you can grab the game now.

The game was recently released (a few days ago) onto the XBLA. While there’s also a free demo version of the game you can try out, the full version can be bought for 800 Microsoft Points, which equates to $10. You really can’t refuse that price, considering other Xbox games will run you a full $60 (yes, I do know that those games cannot be fairly compared to Fruit Ninja’s arcade theme and casual gameplay).

Fruit Ninja Kinect, officially speaking, is basically a full port of the iOS version of the game, with modifications made to work with Kinect’s motion detection. It’s usually the other way around with PC or console titles being ported to iOS, but it’s certainly interesting this way. You’ll use your hands to virtually slice the fruit, while your silhouette is being projected behind the fruit with ninja clothing; expected from the guys over at Halfbrick; both clever, innovative and also humorous. You’ve got the three game modes, classic, zen and multiplayer, with an additional co-op sub-mode being thrown in to the latter of the three modes. This is where you can play with another player on the same console, though be warned that you should make sure not to smack your fellow player while attempting to slice fruit!

Check out the trailer for the native game below. It’s got some clips from the game itself as well as Halfbrick’s familiar humor that they’ve included in the rest of their iOS trailers. Fruit Ninja’s iPhone trailer is also included below for comparison.

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Who would’ve taken that TV instead of settling down to be sucked into a game of Fruit Ninja? Me!

Fruit Ninja for iOS