PopSockets iPhone Case Debuts on Kickstarter

WWe report to you today with yet another new endeavor for the iOS market, and rather then from CES 2012, which is currently what a lot of the news has to do with, this comes from Kickstarter. The community funding site has seen some pretty quirky projects, but the PopSockets takes the cake for the most since the time I’ve been surfing the website, although that’s probably not intended, but is contributed to with the wacky, lighthearted nature of the product video, and the case seems to be a fully functional, useful product for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The case essentially adds the support for many of the usual functions that you’d perform with your iPhone whether it be standing up your phone hands-free, obtaining an easy way to wrap your headphones around your device or clipping it to a surface – the possibilities are near countless with what the PopSockets iPhone Case offers.

It’s advertised to pop, prop, kick and clip. Basically, it adds protection to your phone or iPod Touch while also offering sockets that do each of the aforementioned functions. The sockets layer the back of the case, and will pop out on demand to reveal suction cups or whatever you need to stand up your phone, clip it, wrap your headphones and more in a variety of ways.

The one guy behind the project, who I’d love to meet in real life, has taken the whole project a step further; the sockets come in different color combinations and designs, as does the actual exterior of the case itself. It’s a unique idea that seems to be executed pretty well. If you’re as peaked by the PopSockets iPhone Case as I am, you can pop (see what I did there?) over to Kickstarter and back the project – $25 or more will score you a case either for the iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch.