Podcasts to Receive Its Own Dedicated App in iOS 6?

Following the redesign of the iTunes application in iOS 6, Apple appears to be doing some last-minute spring cleaning. Previously, users would have to navigate through the included iTunes app in order to browse and discover new selections. Then, that iOS device would be adorned with new video and audio podcasts in respective media apps. In iOS 6, Apple is planning to streamline the podcast experience and make it more mainstream by giving podcasts its own app according to AllThingsD.

Podcasts are completely omitted in the new iTunes app found in iOS 6 beta builds distributed this week. In the current iTunes storefront found in iOS 5, users are provided with options to download and manage their podcast subscriptions. Albeit, podcasts were hidden away in the “More” section of iTunes.

For those who missed that glimmer of time when podcasts almost caught on, they are free episodic audio or video series available exclusively on the internet that span a wide variety of topics, from news to movies to TV shows to… discussions about the iPhone.

Putting a full podcast hub on the home screen will go a long way in user adoptability and lead to a steep increase in popularity as consumers discover – as well as rediscover the free podcasts available online. WIth the podcast industry continually losing traction, the prominence provided with an individual app could be just enough to reinvigorate it amongst iOS users.

There are also rumors that one other iTunes staple will see its way out of the main app. We may not see iTunes U in the final version of iOS 6, although that is less cause for alarm since there is already an iTunes U app separately available for the educational library of content. Apple initially recognized the overcrowding of the iTunes app with the release of a distinct app for its book collection simply titled iBooks.

By reorganizing iTunes, Apple may be looking to bring the app back to its simplest meat and potatoes: its music and video selections. To that effect, the company would effectively also be branching its store out into independent landscapes with their own separate apps in contrast to the more cluttered system spanning a few overlooked categories of content that the store works around now.