Pocket Tunes Radio

NormSoft, Inc. has an application that let’s listeners find their favorite radio stations using their iPod touch or iPhone. This product was chosen as an Apple Staff pick in 2009  and iPhone App Store Pick of the Year by the iphoneblog.com, because of the many exciting features it offers.  Pocket Tunes Radio can now record your favorite stations for playback at anytime.  The app also allows users to find stations nearby using the GPS technology found in the iPhone no matter where you are located.  What sets this application apart from the rest of the radio solutions in the iTunes store is that if you have a web based subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio you can listen to popular shows such as: Howard Stern, Oprah, Martha Stewart, MSNBC, etc.  

Pocket Tunes gives the user many choices and options for its users.  For example, over 16,000 streams that can be searched by nationality and genre, background playback for MP3 and AAC+ streams, skins that can change the look of Pocket Tunes, multi-tasking by using the built-in web browser so users can surf and listen at the same time and smart technology that alters the playback quality depending on your network speed.

Most of all I have enjoyed being able to finally use my subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio because I enjoy listening to Howard Stern but the Sirius App for the iPhone and iPod Touch does not allow for streaming of Howard Stern and other select streams. After the update of this application to  allow recording it makes the iPhone and iPod Touch like a specialized radio that sells for hundreds of dollars in a typical electronics store.