At first glance, the game Platypus looks like a truly one-of-a-kind app. This fact may leave you somewhat disappointed to find that the gameplay really isn’t anything original. I mean, in all actuality, the feel of this side-scrolling shooter app is very similar to other games of its kind. Where, then, does it’s allure lie? Why, in it’s wildly inventive look and catchy, retro-inspired soundtrack of course!

You start off as an F-27 fighter plane made entirely out of clay. Yup. You heard right! Clay. In fact the entire game is made of clay! You, the bad guys, the scenery… everything. You are the Platypus! A small plane who’s trying to defend the planet Mungola from the evil Collosatropolans (don’t worry, the game is supposed to be pretty out there). Ah, but in THIS game your enemy’s ships don’t explode, they splat! What a wildly refreshing idea!

The controls are very natural feeling, despite being slightly sluggish. Simply tilt forward, back, left, and right, holding the game horizontally, to make your ship move around the screen. Under “Settings” you can even adjust the tilt settings to allow you gameplay while laying on your back! If you run into any lagging during the game, you may need to restart. Unfortunately, in my experience, that problem very rarely fixes itself.

That’s the gist of the game! You never have to worry about running out of ammo or firing because the game continuously fires for you. Along the way, however, there are special stars you can collect that will cause your bullet’s to have different speeds and effects. Watch out for these stars! They’re especially crucial if you’re going to take on Medium or Hard difficulty.

Just like all games of this type, it gets harder as it progresses and there are many different levels. In fact, to even get your name onto the already “established” faux score board, you’re probably going to have to play for at least 30-45 minutes straight. It would be a terrible choice if you wanted something quick you could set down at the drop of a hat. I, myself, didn’t have enough skill or patience to reach the end of the game.

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