Pioneer AppRadio Puts a 6.1″ iPhone into Your Dashboard

Pioneer is true to its name yet again with its newest device, AppRadio. Breaking new ground in car and iPhone integration, not only can a 6.1″ 800×400 capacitive multi-touch display utilize the iPhone’s phone capabilities, but also put optimized apps front-and-center. Plus, there’s a well-fleshed out iPod feature built-in.

AppRadio is placed directly into a car’s dashboard, giving a user all of the features that would typically be expected from such a device (time and radio, specifically), and more thanks to the feature-rich experience docking an iPhone provides. Though other in-dash displays share basic iPhone functionality, AppRadio is the first to be designed from the ground up specifically for the iPhone.

Since safety is one of Pioneer’s top priorities for AppRadio, the company wants to approve apps for usage since they do not want drivers distracted at the wheel. Because of this, there is a limited amount of apps available for use. Though the number will undoubtedly go way up, currently there are only two music and two GPS apps optimized to work with AppRadio, at least in a near-final development stage. Interestingly, the iPhone can work independently from the dashboard within the same apps, which some developers use to full effect.

AppRadio looks like a really impressive offering if you want to go further than just mounting your iPhone within your car. For “below $500,” you can add a little more i to your dash on June 22.

[via Engadget]