Pic3D Promises iOS Users Glasses-Free 3D

Wouldn’t it be great if all that was required to bring your devices into the 3D era is a thin piece of film? Well, Pic3D has a promise to make that pipe dream a reality. Considering how we are talking about a 3D pipe dream, glasses are not required. (You can use them to be a third-dimension hipster, but they will not affect the experience at all considering how this is designed to be glasses-free.)

Pic3D’s magic is supplied courtesy of lenticular lens technology, which magnifies the screen in a way that provides an illusion of depth. The Pic3D film will be able to work with special side-by-side video (with half of the video optimized for the left eye and the other half for, you guessed it, the right eye). All that is required by a user is to purchase the film and place it over their device of choice, then anybody can play around with optimized content to his or her heart’s content.

Fujitsu has already released a laptop featuring Pic 3D’s tech. The creation of a film providing the same effect marks the first time that glasses-free 3D can be achieved on virtually any device without any major modifications.

When the film will be available to purchase in August, the iPhone version will be about $25. There will be other models for various screen sizes, including a version designed for the iPad, at a price that steadily increases for each size variant and maxes out at a 23″ $186 film.

To see the technology demonstrated on multiple devices, take a look at the video below:

[vsw id="yetX2C3AdCI" source="youtube" width="640" height="400" autoplay="no"]

[via CrunchGear]