Photos Of Next iPhone Show Auto-Focus Camera, Compass, More?

Photos of what looks like the next iPhone running OS 3.0 have surfaced on a Chinese blog. The photos show how recording video and auto-focusing will work within the camera app. Auto-focus works by focusing on a point in the image, shown by a blue outline which can be moved by tapping anywhere on the screen. If the photos are legitimate, then the autofocusing capabilities will be pretty incredible and should have a very noticeable difference, as you can see.

Also visible in the screenshots is the digital compass being used. Check out the photos below!The post was translated from Chinese using Google, so the translation is a bit questionable, but it appears to say that the device being used is a prototype, which is why photos of the phone itself were not included.

Other apps shown include Apple’s announced Voice Recorder app, landscape viewing of charts in the stocks app, copy and pasting of images, and MMS. We also noticed that the battery now shows the percent charge it has left. There is also a screen shot of a CPU activity utility that is apparently used by testers.


[via Google Translation of UMPC Fever]

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