Photos of Apple’s New iPod Touch Checkout Units

ifoAppleStore’s Gary Allen has posted a first look of Apple’s soon to be implemented iPod touch-based point-of-sale system on AppleInsider. According to the piece, the new units are called EasyPay touch and consist of an iPod touch, battery pack, barcode scanner, and a magnetic card reader. The unit itself runs POS software which has apparently been written by Apple. The outer shell which contains the additional POS hardware resembles an Incase Power Slider.

We have also independently heard from an Apple employee that the new units will be small enough to fit in an employee’s pocket, making them easy enough to be carried at all times.

Notable benefits of the new system include a barcode scanner which can scan all four barcodes which are required to sell an iPhone, the ability to accept cash, and improved reliability.

Aside from Apple’s POS software which runs on the device, it appears that Apple is using plain vanilla iPod touches for the new system. The magic part is the shell which the iPod touch is inserted into. The shell features a magnetic card reader which will only process credit cards, at least for the time being. Customers who wish to use a debit card will be required to go to one of the store’s Hypercom credit card terminals.

The shell also features an internal battery pack to power the barcode scanner as well as provide additional power to the iPod touch. The unit can be charged using a USB port on the bottom. Five LEDs on the back indicate the unit’s state of charge, again, similar to the way an Incase Power Slider works.

Credit card signatures will be performed using a Pogo Sketch stylus which allows for finer, more accurate use of the touch screen.

More info can be found on AppleInsider.

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