PhoneSaber Pulled From App Store

PhoneSaber, the popular iPhone app that makes lightsaber sound effects, has been pulled from the App Store at the request of THQ Wireless. The company currently owns the rights to Star Wars apps on mobile devices, and has very politely requested that TheMacBox, PhoneSaber’s creators, remove it from the iTunes store. Luckily they say that THQ Wireless isn’t being mean about it and have said they are looking to collaborate with them to create an official Star Wars version.

“They want to do some sort of official, Star Wars branded version of PhoneSaber, and will be working with us on that one,” reads a post on TheMacBox’s blog. “I don’t know any information beyond that, whether they plan to charge for it, advertise with it or what, but we’ll keep you updated on as much as we’re allowed to tell you.”

Personally, I think the fact that they’re wasting their time with an app like this is pretty lame and is probably motivated by greed.

[TheMacBox via Macenstein]

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