Phishing Android Apps Make Us Grateful For The App Approval Process

Apple has gotten a lot of guff (including from us) for giving developers headaches and laying down the law on certain things that don’t always make sense or make us happy iPhone users, but this can be a good thing if the developer happens to be a bad guy trying to steal information or rip you off. Google opted for the polar opposite approval policy, leaving their Android Market wide open for all developers. The danger there is that you run the risk of allowing downright nasty malicious apps in and let people download them, which is exactly what has happened.

A cybercriminal publishing apps under the name Droid09 has published a handful of banking apps into the Android Market that ask for their sensitive financial information and give it directly to the “developer”, giving him access to their bank accounts. The apps have been pulled, but the damage to the users has already been done, sadly.

It’s things like this that make us glad the App Store isn’t completely open.

[via Slashdot]

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