Petition To Rogers Wireless Exceeds 20k Signatures In 4 Days

Rogers is notoriously disliked by their customers for what they consider to be stingy, and likewise very expensive, data plans. So, not surprisingly, when Rogers announced their plans last week for the iPhone 3G, none of which had unlimited data plans but all of which were fairly expensive nonetheless, most of those who were anticipating getting an iPhone were pretty upset. Upset enough that they have decided to rally together to demonstrate their displeasure with a petition at Since then the response has been awe-inspiring.

When the movement was started off, their goal was to collect at least 10,000 names to send along with an open letter to Steve Jobs, which would both be sent to Apple on July 11th – the day the iPhone 3G is set to go on sale in Canada. By Sunday morning they had reached their goal of 10,000 names, and by earlier today it reached 15k.

The letter to Steve Jobs begins:

Dear Steve,

My name is James and I would like to thank you for creating the wonderful iPhone device. We really think that you will change the world with it, just as you changed the world with the iPod. We were so happy to learn that on July 11th, we would finally be able to buy the iPhone and legally use it in Canada.

To our great disappointment, Rogers Communications Inc. has announced VERY unfair rates in comparison to AT&T in the United States and to other authorized wireless service providers around the world….

Since then, Rogers has felt the need to defend their rates, saying that they are capped to avoid forcing customers to pay for unlimited bandwidth that they would never use (a moot point, considering that nobody can actually use an unlimited amount of data and therefore cannot theoretically use all that they’ve paid for).

At the time this was written, the list was over 20,000 names long, and growing every second.

As for how likely they are to succeed at their goal, who can say, but the demonstration is impressive. Canada, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you.

[via Fortune]

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