Patents Suggest Apple Revamping Current iOS Device Headphones

While the iPhone and the iPod Touch come packaged with a spanking new pair of Apple headphones, the Cupertino-based company’s normal elegance hasn’t been retained in the making of the earbuds. Lackluster quality, generic looks, quite uncomfortable in truth and not the most optimal solution to get the best out of your music, the headphones are probably the low point of purchasing an iOS device – fortunately, patents suggest that Apple are looking to give their standard pair of buds an overdue makeover.

Apple is supposedly looking to apply its unibody philosophy to all of its products made evident thanks to the discovery of patents by AppleInsider. Although many of said company’s previously discovered patents have failed to actually materialize, this issue, that is seemingly rectified by the patents, has been a universal disappointment with iOS devices.

If you’ve ever broken an earbud, you’d have noticed the many components that the headphones constitute of. Due to this, Apple believes that current earbuds are “abrupt and aesthetically displeasing.” Not a big surprise coming from the company that spends months perfecting its simplistic, though alluring, packaging among other things.

The first patent uncovers the following:

The company could resolve this with new headsets featuring a range of components that would “seamlessly integrate” with one another, as described in a new patent application discovered by AppleInsider.
The filing, entitled “Ultrasonically Welded Structures and Methods for Making the Same,” describes how different components could be welded together for a seamless look. Apple describes the new headphones as having an appearance that they were constructed as “a seamless unibody structure,” even though the earbuds may include two different component pieces welded together.

This would go on to mean that the new headphones would have their components physically welded together to create a feeling, and a look, of seamless integration. The second patent uncovers an additional bit of information that betrays the fact that these new headphones may have actual earbuds instead of their current method of many holes simply lining the face of each headphone. Even Apple believes that their current method subtracts from the overall looks and sound quality offered by the Apple headphones.

The solution presented in that application is a tool for “deburring” a curved plastic object. The tool could be coated in an abrasive material and would conform to the shape of the curved object, then polish it by vibrating while in contact with the plastic surface.

If these changes could happen soon, that would be great, although there are tons of other things that everyone’s hoping will materialize with the announcement of next-generation iOS devices. Apple’s a fairly tricky company when it comes to affairs such as this; we’ll just have to sit back and wait.

I’ve actually got two pairs of Apple headphones sitting in the boxes of my iPod Touch 4th generation and my iPhone 4S that I haven’t laid even one finger on. Any takers?