Patent: Syncing Movie Playback Position Between Devices

The US Patent and Trademark office has published another patent application from Apple that shows MobileMe being used to sync more than just personal information. The patent describes how it could also be used to sync movie playback position between devices.

The idea behind this is that you could potentially be watching a movie on your Apple TV, iPhone, or in iTunes, and want to stop it and go do something else. With the method Apple describes, the point at which you stop the movie would be synced to all of your other Apple gadgets containing the movie, letting you pick up right where you left off on a different device.

This would be especially handy if you’re watching a movie on your Apple TV and have a flight to catch. You could just get on the plane knowing that you can pick up the movie on your iPhone from exactly where you left off.

However, there may be a problem if one of the devices, like an Apple TV, is shared among people (such as a family) and someone wants to watch something someone else has already started.

A way to get around this is through close-proximity networks like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, an emerging software protocol.

[via The Apple Blog]

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