Patent: iPhone As Remote Control For Desktop Computer

United States Patent and Trademark office has just released a new patent application filed by Apple for a technology that would allow a user to control their computer using their iPhone. While there are already a handful of apps in the App Store that offer this feature, this patent shows that Apple is looking to make it an integrated part of the device’s software.

The patent’s abstract:

A controlling device (e.g., a telephony device) can remotely control various tasks associated with a controlled device (e.g., a personal computer), including the navigation of user interfaces associated with applications or an operating system associated with the controlled device. A task can be controlled at the controlled device by mapping user input received at the controlling device to control commands suitable for execution at the controlled device.

Basically, the patent talks about a method for giving the iPhone the ability to serve as a remote control for your Mac or PC, using keypads on the device’s touchscreen to control cursor movement and inputs on the device.


[via Mashable]

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