Patent: Add-On TV/Radio Reciever For iPhone, iPod

A new Apple patent application has been found that shows that Apple may be looking to either build or support a hardware add-on for the iPhone and iPod lines that would allow it to directly receive streaming Radio and/or TV. The device pictured in the patent would attach directly to an iPod or iPhone, and would accept signals from one or more formats, including AM, FM, HD or satellite radio, or TV standards such as cable, satellite, over-the-air or IPTV.

Add-ons could take several forms, including a portable plug-in, dock, stereo, or a computer. The key in this patent is a “tag” button, which would allow people to retrieve metadata on whatever they’re receiving, such as the artist and track for a song, or the episode, actor and director information for a TV show.

Additionally, the add-on could sync with the device to gather information that could be used in another setting, such as shopping at iTunes, or generating a personalized webpage.

[via iPodNN]

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