There are several apps for the iPhone that let you manage your clipboard, but few are as veritile as Pastie. Pastie is an app that takes clipboard management to a new level by allowing you to set up commonly used text clips and assign them an action and a contact.

Suppose you are texting your significant other with “What’s for dinner tonight?”. Open Pastie and tap the plus sign to make a new pastie. Type in your text and then select a contact from your favorites that you have set up in Pastie. Once you assign that pastie to a contact you then select an action, Email, SMS or Clipboard.

For example, I made a new pastie with the text “On my way home”, assigned it to my wife and set it up as a SMS. When I open Pastie I just tap that item from my list of pasties. Pastie copies that text to my clipboard and opens up the messenger app and a new message to my wife. I tap in the message box, hit paste, send, and off goes the SMS to my wife. I just sent my wife a text without any typing on the iPhone keyboard.

If you double tap a pastie from your list you are presented with all the options instead of the assigned one. In my previous example, if I double tap that pastie, I could choose a different contact, or maybe choose to send an email instead.

I have a few different pasties that I use all the time: a couple SMS
messages to my wife and an unassigned block of text that says, “I’m
running a little late”. But my favorite is a “New ToDo.” When I tap on
this “New ToDo” pastie, an email to my own address with the subject “New
ToDo” is started. It’s a fast, easy way to get ToDo items into my email

In the settings menu, you will find a great tutorial explaining everything about using Pastie. My only real complaint about Pastie is how it uses address book information. You must assign a contact as a favorite in Pastie before assigning them to a pastie. I would much rather just use the iPhones contacts. The UI and design of the app is nothing special but the funtionality makes this app a winner.