Pastebot Updated, and Why You Should Buy From Tapbots

Pastebot [App Store, $2.99], the must-have utility for your iPhone has just been updated to allow users to sync more than one device with their Mac at the same time. The original version of Pastebot would only sync one device, causing problems for people who picked up an iPad to compliment their stable of Apple products.

If you haven’t heard about Pastebot before, it’s a clipboard manager that allows you to store and organize anything you copy and paste on the iPhone. You can save multiple clippings in the app, and copy them to other apps, send clippings via email, and even sync clippings to your Mac using their free Pastebot Sync app. Pastebot even lets you do some slick editing to your clippings, like find & replace, and several image adjustments.

While the app is one of the coolest apps to come to the iPhone, there is another reason we like Tapbots, developers of Pastebot.

The Pastebot icon used to have “eyes”. However, with the latest update, the icon lost the Tapbot eyes that grace the icons of all of their apps. According to their blog, an unnamed company contacted Tapbots and said the icon was infringing on their trademarked logo. For most people, this would be a good opportunity to lambast the other company and complain about ridiculous trademark laws, especially since Tapbots is convinced their logo didn’t infringe on any trademark. But Tapbots didn’t do this. Instead they are keeping mum about the other company, and the other company’s decision to defend their trademark.

We like to support developers who would rather focus on creating rather than fighting with other designers and developers.

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