PartyPad – Marble Mixer

GameHouse has developed a fun and modern twist on the classic game of marbles with its new iPad game, PartyPad – Marble Mixer. Players can compete against three opponents or play a solo game to beat the high scores. The app consists of three games in one, all with the similar objective of shooting marbles towards a spinning target, but each one has a different twist from the others, providing unique strategies on each level.

The Table Tactics game has a spinning table with a hole in the middle. The table has three zones giving players 10, 25, or 50 points if they get the marble to rest in the right spot, zero points are awarded if the marble falls in the center hole or rolls off the table. Bonus points are added for knocking another player’s marble in the hole, as well as having marbles left on the board at the end of the round. Users take turns flicking their marble on to the moving table until they’ve used up all 10 of their marbles.

Space Mania follows the same rules as Table Tactics, but this level is a time limited game allowing players to continue to flick marbles until one minute is over. With four people playing this level at the same time, it gets exciting… and a little crazy!

Monster Picnic is different from the other two games in that the players have to get their marbles in the mouth of what looks like a playful monster head that spins around. Like Space Mania, it is a timed level with unlimited marbles, but the closer you get to the end the faster the monster spins. With multiple players, this one gets to be fun as players knock the opponents marble away from the monster’s mouth.

The graphics on all three boards are beautifully crafted. The marbles are perfectly designed, looking unbelievably life-like, and even sound like real marbles clicking together. Table Tactics is photo-realistic, with a gorgeous wood platform. The lighting accents are flawless and the visuals make you want to keep playing just to look at it. Space Mania has an arcade feel to it, but offers equally stunning design. Monster Picnic is likely to be the kid-favorite with a more cartoony feel to the game. Dropping a marble in the monster’s mouth causes it to quickly bite down, making a crunching sound that causes the younger audience to giggle. Regardless of how many people play, and no matter how intense the marble flicking action gets, the game remains smooth and flawless. 

GameHouse advertises that this game is fun for the whole family, which I would typically scoff at for an iPad game, but I have spent way too many hours playing with my kids on this game! Each of the kids have a different favorite. It is truly a blast to play, and the developers didn’t miss a single detail when designing this game.

I should point out that we spoke to the developers and were informed of an issue with slow load times on the game. They have already submitted an update to the App Store to fix the issue, but the update is on hold until they remove the word “pad” from the title, as we reported earlier. GameHouse has not made an official announcement of the new name.

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