Palm Pre To Sync With iTunes?

As if the hype around the Pre weren’t already enough, the iPhone may be losing part of their competitive edge to the Palm device in an area that no few other smartphones no MP3 players have: iTunes. It was briefly mentioned by a Palm rep at CES earlier this year that the device will be the the first non-Apple smartphone that will be able to sync with iTunes.

The fact somehow went largely unnoticed, until now. Boy Genius has gotten their hands on a Pre, and when they plugged it into a Mac, they were surprised to find that it syncs seamlessly with iTunes.

Further more, the iTunes Store treats the Pre exactly the same as it treats any iPod, with the only exception being older copy-protected media.

It makes sense. After all, the team responsable for developing the Palm Pre includes quite a few former Apple employees, many of which were heavily involved in making the first iPhone. Not the least of them is Palm president Jon Rubinstein, the man who built the original iPod under Steve Jobs.

Apple has stated that they will be defending their intellectual property rights against companies in any way necessary. It will be interesting to see how they react to the development. Hopefully iPhone users won’t get caught in the crossfire.

[Fortune via Boy Genius Report]

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